When you close your eyes and think of the Maldives, you will be imagining pristine turquoise waters lapping softly against luxury water bungalows on stilts, and you are right, yet the reality is even better.The Maldives is simply the queen of Indian Ocean destinations, each luxury resort is set on its own private island, shielded by a picture-perfect lagoon and surrounded by a coral reef teeming with brightly colored marine life. Luxury doesn't quite do the Maldives justice in terms of the exclusive resorts that you can choose from. In many ways, the problem is deciding between them.Having seen all of the amazing resorts in the Maldives, we can help you compare and contrast,
giving honest travel advice to select the luxury accommodation that is perfect for you. Whether you are travelling on a luxury honeymoon and wanting the most romantic retreat, or as a family where the children can delve into world-class kids clubs, or the island which offers the best diving or snorkeling, we help you find the place to go. We are absolute specialists at carefully tailoring an itinerary to combine a dash of culture beforehand, whether it is Sri Lanka, India, Oman or Dubai. Furthermore, we can arrange creative tours that might include a night or two on a luxury Dhoni, island hopping through atolls enabling you to see a little more of the Maldives.




Maldives itineraries

This is just a selection of suggested itineraries that are there to help you with your ideas and to start the conversation with us about planning your tailor-made holiday. All our holidays are private for you and your party, and can depart on any day you like. We can adapt and change any element of these journeys, or design an itinerary from scratch around your travelling plans.

truly tailor-made

Explore the new locations and embark on a new adventure trip that is tailor-made just for you. Our itineraries on the site are available to give you a glimpse of the type of personalized trips that we plan for our clients. You can enquire with us for bespoke travel itinerary and we’ll design your holiday plan matching your expectation. Why us? From giving our honest advice to having almost two decades of experience in this industry, we are the travel connoisseurs who are good at arranging travel and tour programs for ardent travelers. How we work? Our aim is to simplify your travel hassles and that means we can plan your trip from start till end that would include coming with a great travel location and other relevant strategies.


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Put simply, we love to offer amazing holidays, designed totally around you. You can expect expert honest advice, wonderful service and a journey that offers something truly remarkable.

  • We cater to your personal travel requirements and that’s why we have custom- designed tours that match your interests and travelling style.
  • Along with our distinguished travel and tour service we also have other amenities for you and that would include the financial security/protection through our Commercial General Liability Insurance.
  • Our team of specialized tour guides, travel experts and tour managers are here to improve your complete travel experience by making it nothing less than inspiring, soul rejuvenating and interesting.
  • We cover the locations where we have massive travelling experience and we add only those locations to our list of services which we find mesmerizing enough to be explored again and again.
  • From start till the end of your tour, our services are crafted to fit your requirements by making it completely hassle-free.
  • With us you get an array of options on hotel choices and it's up to you whether you try simple hotels, best suits or regal accommodations; whatever suits you suits your taste will be arranged accordingly.
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