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The right event management services partner should help clients shine – working alongside you, your team and your existing partners to deliver the results you and your guests demand.

Travmic Events delivers the exact level of service you need, whether that’s end-to-end event management logistics or simply pitching in where you need us. It’s up to you.


As your event management services partner, we operate as an extension of your corporate event services team, helping you deliver flawless event experiences.

Travmic Events has established its expertise in organising events with the team having many years of experience. The company has been successfully operating in domestic and international markets and aspires to positions itself as a world-leading event agency.

We organise adequate events of any size, from board meetings with 20 VIP guests to events involving several hundred, a thousand, or even 5,000 participants.
Knowing what to do, where to do it and how to do it requires expertise. Being successful on every continent proves we have that expertise.
We are your expert partner.

We Organise your Success.


Event Management Services

To ensure that your event will be a success, we place great importance on attention to detail in all areas of work. At our side we have the support of long-standing contractual partners, whose flexibility and quality never cease to impress us. The success of Travmic Events is characterised by its creativity, in-depth knowledge and reliable partnerships – to say nothing of its many years of experience.

Travmic Events specializes mainly in the following areas:

Corporate Events – Customer Events, Product Launch, Road shows, Dealer Incentive trips, Sales Meetings & Incentives, Offsite, Board Meetings & Global Events.

Special Events – Hi-profile Social Events, Destination Weddings etc.

Exhibitions & Trade Fairs


In the area of event management, our individual services include:

  • Development of event concepts & strategic event design
  • Gala evenings
  • Team-building activities
  • Site Inspections & Reece trips
  • Venue Search – Research and evaluation of venues
  • Event Promotion & Communication
  • Event Sourcing – Selection of service partners and suppliers
  • Event Logistics – Research and evaluation of technology, catering, entertainment and decoration
  • Cost plan with a detailed overview and final account
  • Detailed timetables and schedules
  • Draft contracts
  • Registration & Event Housing
  • On-site Event Support
  • Event management by your CPO team
  • Preparation of final accounts
  • Event Measurement, Analysis & Reporting


Travmic Events helps you deliver corporate event ROI – Making You and Your Event Look Good


We Organise your Success


Travmic Events – Our approach

So, what does it actually look like to work with Travmic Events?

Our team provides the exact level of service you need to make your event – and you – successful.

Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. You tell us what you need, and we make it happen. It’s as simple as that.

You can’t clone yourself. But Travmic Events is the next best thing. We operate as an extension of you letting you focus on the tasks that matter most. Before, during and after your event we’re there to help you deliver for your company and for your career.

  • Need end-to-end event management support? We have a strong bench of experts to manage every detail of your event from the first planning meeting to the final success report.
  • Need event logistics support in a few key service areas? We can round out your team in the areas where you need extra support.
  • Have partners you love, but need help managing them? We can serve as your general contractor, aligning your favorite partners and keeping everything on track.

You work with one dedicated point-of-contact.
An experienced event manager serves as your dedicated point-of-contact when you work with Travmic Events. That event manager leads your team of specialists who deliver the services you need. You get our team’s diverse expertise without getting bombarded by questions from 15 different vendors with 15 different communication styles.
These event managers have an average 10-year tenure with Travmic Events. They’re matched to your event based on their industry expertise and your event’s needs.

You don’t have to choose between innovation and efficiency?
When you’re planning an event, you don’t have to sacrifice efficiency for innovation. Our team brings structure that delivers and ideas that impress.

When you work with Travmic Events:

  • We start every engagement by learning more about your business, your goals and how you like to operate. This means, we know exactly how to meet your expectations and deliver the results you need.
  • We design a custom communications structure based on what works best for you. That means establishing the right cadence for conference calls, the right system for sharing documents and a team structure that helps you achieve your goals.
  • We bring you new ideas and best practices that work. We execute thousands of events every year.  We share those experiences with your team. They understand what works – and what doesn’t – for your event.
  • Our event design experts create a customized plan for you. They align your event strategy with your business goals then deliver a plan that’s right for your business and your guests. It’s never just the latest trends and best practices.
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