Knowing is not enough, you must experience it; and it fits so much better when we are talking about food. It is rarely possible to define the magnificence of any culture without including the food of the land it represents. Food and cuisine are the essential elements of the cultural mosaic of a land. India and its centuries old history is nothing less of a mystery and it is certainly an amazing way to learn about the place by learning more about the cuisine that you will find here.

Through this blog post let’s uncover some interesting food secrets of the country that has richness of color, music, seasons, festivals and everything that you can imagine. We are the land of spices and herbs and we are recognized throughout the world for our exceptionally special food culture. Indian food has a lot of diversity and it is hard to not fall for each of these types.

Even if we roughly classify the Indian cuisine into South and North Indian style even then you’ll have a lot to explore and that’s where the whole fun part lies. Let’s dig deep into this and know what assortment of unique food styles you can actually try here without much effort and have a great travelling experience.

I do believe that one of the reasons we have so much diversity in food and cuisine in India is because we love to eat and we enjoy celebrating events and being the best host to our guests and friends. You’ll find numerous hotels, restaurants, food stalls, food joints and other eating places here which are an easy way to understand how multifaceted the country food style is.

Indian traditional cuisines are part and heart of the land and very much present in the present times of globalization and modernization. Although the staple food of the land is wheat, rice and pulses but with time there have been new additions to the cuisines and you can say that diversity has further diversified. We are always experimenting with food and that’s the reason why you’ll never get bored of the variety, the more you try the more we have for you to taste. Make your food bucket-list when planning for Indian tour holidays.

Bengali food

The scrumptious Bengali cuisine is appreciated for its essential spices named as panch-phoron. It is a combination of five spices which are cumin seed, aniseed, black cumin seed, fenugreek seed and mustard. If you’ve never tried spicy food and want to take it slow then starting with Bengali cuisine is a good option. Bengali food brings you a perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors.


Gujarati food

In case you’re fond of vegetarian food and would want to indulge in some exotic Indian delicacies then Gujarati food is your thing. Gujarati thali is an assortment of appetizing and delectable dishes. You can relish upon these one-of-a-kind food delicacies which has always been a significant part of our culture.


Kashmiri food

The snow-clad mountains of Kashmir are not the only things that are so remarkable about this place as it would be so worth it to mention the Kashmiri cuisine. Kashmiri food style makes it to the list of best and most unique cuisines of our country. The cuisine has evolved over several decades and the cooking style shows the influence of neighboring lands such as Central Asia, Persia and Afghanistan.


Punjabi food

An impeccable combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food variety is what you get in Punjabi cuisine. From minimal to high, you get every style of spice-rich food item under this cuisine style. Punjabi food is loved and enjoyed throughout the world and the reason why you promptly say chicken-tikka-masala when asked about the Indian cuisine is a good example of how famous and recognized Punjabi food style is.


South Indian food

Even if we say the staple food in India is lentils, wheat and rice, it wouldn’t be fair to think that all the food is going to taste the same here. The South Indian cuisine unlocks the whole new style of cooking and the way they use condiments and spices to spruce up and add flavor to the richness of food is just phenomenal. Uttapams, idli, vada and dosa are some of the very original South Indian delicacies that are a must try if you’re travelling to India.

Stay tuned to our blog section and we’ll make sure to cover everything that catches your heart and soul about travelling by unraveling the deepest & interesting secrets of countries around the world. You can consult Travmic for personalized travel and tour ideas and holiday trips in India. We are just a click away!

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