“Nous ne voyageons pas pour échapper à la vie, mais pour que la vie ne nous échappe pas”

I came across this French quote and it completely won my heart over. The quote translates as, “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”.

Travelling can be included in the significant diverse pursuits of life that are important to recreate and evolve our personality. Every once in a while when it feels like things are getting stagnant and mundane, taking a trip to somewhere new, gives you more room to think and respond to your routine lifestyle and how you can add more value to it.

We have dozens of traveler types, some are team travelers, and some are lone explorers while some enjoy weekend travelling whereas others look for only luxury travel experience. Talking about popular locations around the globe, France is really popular, so much that almost 8 percent of world’s total international tourists head to France for travel every year.

France certainly inspires you to unwind your mind, for it has the most beautiful cities, striking landmarks, gourmet food and incredible culture & art you just cannot deny. Sure Paris is the most conspicuous place in France but there is lot more to know about the country then just Paris. We are taking this opportunity to introduce you to the 5 least populated /crowded places/cities in France that are worth travelling.


This idyllic and serene place in France is the highest seller of the ultimate mood lifter, the champagne, to the whole world. Unlike other hustling bustling cities of the country, this place is pretty less crowded and incredibly beautiful so much that you would want to revisit the region. Visit the renowned vineyards and try the most authentic wines and champagne. Sights to check out here are, Reims, Epernay, Cathedral Notre Dame, Museum of Modern Art, Troyes, Moët & Chandon.


This sophisticated city of France has centuries old history and is named under UNESCO World Heritage Site. From its prominent Roman ruins to fantastic museums and great food, the city welcomes you to a place where you get unbeatable views and a great time exploring the place. Places to visit in Lyon would include, Vieux Lyon (where we have builds and churches which were built couple thousand years back), the Rhône and the Saône river (along these rivers we have fancy cafes and restaurants). Some of the must try traditional food dishes of Lyon would be, Praline pie, Gateau de Foie, Cochonnailles, Cervelle de Canut, Gras double and Salade Lyonnais.


This small city is located in the South of France with approximately 50,000 of population. It neighbors cities such as Cannes (20 km from Grasse) and Nice (40 Kilometers from Grasse). The region has optimal climate condition which contributes to the growth of flower varieties available here (like Mimosa, Jasmine and Lavender). It is significant place because the perfume industry of the region is more than centuries old.
Top three perfume factories in the city include the Fragonard Perfume Factory, Galimard and Molinard (established in the mid 19th century). You can check out the Grasse Perfume Museum, Jean-Honoré Fragonard Villa-Museum, and Grasse Cathedral.


This vibrant and entrancing city of France is rightly known as the European capital of Culture. This amazing place is home to epic ruins and excellent art centers which are a must visit if you are coming for the first time to the place.
Besides being the second largest city in France, this coastal city offers some mesmerizing beaches which make it a good place to relax and chill. Being one of the major ports that have proximity to Africa, Marseille is considered as a melting pot for different cultures. Don’t forget to try bouillabaisse, the traditional dish of Marseille.


From French and Flemish architecture to epic art museums, as well as distinguished cuisine, and fun shopping spots, this marvelous metropolis of France is the last on the list of our less crowded yet travel-friendly places. The Place Charles de Gaulle is a good sport to start your trip to Lille as it is the central square and a good place to hang out. Some other sights to check out during your visit to Lille are Notre Dame De La Treille, Citadelle Lille, Palais Des Beaux Arts, and the Porte De Paris.

France makes an amazing destination for travel enthusiasts and these less crowded cities sure deserve a visit for they are unique and special in their own sense and your France tour cannot be complete without exploring these cities.

For guided and hassle-free end-to-end tour plans, consultation and services you can reach out to us. We at Travmic Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. are your authentic travelling partner. We create happy memories for lifetime and truly believe that there is no substitute for wanderlust because we are born learners and explorers. Let’s get you a perfect plan for your next Europe trip, shall we?!

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