Spices lured the Portuguese to Kerala in 1498.

Four hundred and eighty-five years later a rice barge was modernised and it has become an unmissableexperience for the thousands of visitors who flock to this narrow strip of land in South West India.

Think of yourself as the modern day Marco Polo and like him, you will find rice barges floating in the backwaters, women singing in the paddy fields as they plant the saplings, having congee and curry for breakfast, midnight operas in the temple square, caparisoned elephants, masked dancers and the air flavoured with the smell of cinnamon.

Only a smartphone would differentiate that legendary traveller and you!

And you’ll have the luxury of being lodged in an old Boat yard that’s been converted into a magnificent all-suite hotel at the entrance of the Cochin harbour, where a stand-in Governor will treat you to sumptuous six-course meal with an eclectic menu to boot, while a quartet strums up a Beethoven symphony.

Or be on a flotilla of rice barges on the Vembanad where you can enjoy a glass of Chardonnay while listening to a floating acoustic jazz orchestra on the lake.

And if you’re the thrill-seeking type, then we have our own version of ‘Easy Riders’, who’ll rev up their Royal Enfield motorbikes and take you for a ride of a lifetime on the backroads this green state!

These are just some of the unique incentive experiences Incent can create for you in God’s own country!

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