Our Approach

At Travmic, our first and foremost endeavour is to put you at the centre of our universe. Only when we completely understand your idea of travel, we start weaving your personalised travel story. Our tour designers are there for you at every step – from the time you envision your travel dream till you are back home safely with your unique souvenirs and story. Our inspiration is to push the boundaries of experiential engagement while showcasing the finest of cultural experiences & personal immersions.




At Travmic, “listen and learn” are the keywords and cornerstone of our approach to any project – by listening, we learn to appreciate and understand the goals of an event or a journey.
Our first goal is to acquire a complete understanding of the client’s objectives.
Understanding the event or journey objectives is vital for our ability to offer the best support and advice relevant to the particular event or journey.
Based on our first-hand local knowledge of the objectives, our research and development are then tailored to create an event or trip that will achieve the desired goals.
At Travmic, another essential feature of “how” is dialogue – by discussing the goals of an event or trip and exchanging ideas, our recommendations can be fine tuned to ensure fulfillment of the goals.
Relationship building is an important feature of our work method and a vital element of matching our goals to those of the client – events that develop, motivate and inspire participants.

The practical part of how includes logistics management and services such as:

  • Meet and Greet services
  • Transportation coordination
  • Hospitality personnel and guides
  • Hotel reservations
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Excursions
  • Banquets
  • Entertainment
  • Meeting and conference management
  • Supplier contracting and management
  • Event production
  • Budget control

Our Vision & Mission


Our vision is to provide outstanding travel & event experiences by creating inspiring journeys, meetings, unique incentive trips, immersive experiences and event solutions that support the client’s objectives, build Travmic as a preferred brand for our partners and enhance market positioning.


Our mission is to become preferred partner for our overseas tour operators & clients’ and to help them drive change and growth by carefully listening to their requirements and offering customized and tailor-made solutions backed by in-depth destination & event management experience. Our travel products will always be sustainable, respectful to the local cultures & economically beneficial for the local communities at a number of locations in India subcontinent & around the globe on the principles of Responsible tourism.


Our Values


To get the best results, we focus on the strategy and vision of both your organisation and your event. With the combined expertise of our offices and the diversity of our client base, we are well placed to integrate flexible travel management solutions.


Our expertise and in-depth experience in a number of different subcontinent regions & sectors helps us understand every journey or event – and every client, and provide them with the best advice and solutions.


We bring the benefits of considerable purchasing power to your event. We can get the best rates for clients thanks to our worldwide supplier partnerships and strong relationships with service providers.


Our goal is the complete satisfaction of our clients – a satisfaction that exceeds expectations: in our experience, this is something that can only be achieved by cultivating a productive, trusting and long-term partnership.

Our culture

We believe that having a positive impact on the world matters.

We are on a mission to create a more interesting, more innovative and more positive future.
We embrace change and are courageous in our risk-taking.

Trust, quality and collaboration are core to our culture and what we stand for.
We are honest and expect the same in return.

We are a team.
We only work with the best people. Everybody knows they need to be rock star at all times.
Everyone has a job to do, everyone is responsible and everyone is able. As such, everyone will be empowered and trusted.

We believe flexibility is key, and that our people should have it in abundance.

We don’t ask the ‘tell me about your life’ questions. Instead, we ask, ‘How do you do great work?’
Aside from our clients, we collaborate with colleagues and specialist experts outside our business. No one is a lone ranger.
We expect passion and quality in everything we do.

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