German Castles are so Famous, But Why?

What makes Germany among the most travelled locations on globe is its medieval architecture, spectacular castles and churches which are designed with utter excellence. Travmic offers tailor-made royal tour to Germany for you which will include a complete exploratory trip to the best and spectacular castles of Germany.

Though the nature-rich landscape of Germany is home to about 20000 castles but through this blog we will be introducing you to the crème de la crème.

Schloss Neuschwanstein- the Fairytale Castle of Germany

Located in the region of Bavaria, this German castle is one of the most popular locations in Europe. The surrounding ambience of Alps Mountain contributes to the eminence of the beautiful castle. This astonishing castle was built in the 19th Century by the King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Besides being an awe-inspiring castle, this castle and its medieval architecture has been a great inspiration behind Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Germany is interconnected with train tracks and that makes travelling interesting on various levels. To reach this particular castle the closest train station would be the Fussen.


Hohenzollern- an Iconic Hilltop Castle of Germany

This castle is present in Hechingen, which is about 40 miles south of Stuttgart and quite close to the well-known Black Forest. The castle is nothing less of a wonder which looks like straight out of a fantasy book. With more than 1000 year of history, the castle offers astounding panoramic view which is worth the time and effort. Hohenzollern is known as the ancestral seat of the imperial House of Hohenzollern which is at present time a popular tourist destination. Almost 300,000 visitors come to Germany to visit this spectacular castle.
The nearest train station to the castle would be the Hechingen station. From there you can drive or take the shuttle bus for reaching the iconic castle that sits on top of a hill.

Hohenzollern Sigmaringen- the Gorgeous & Grand Castle of Germany

Known as the second largest city-palace of Germany; this grand castle was built in the early 11th century in Baden-Wüttemberg, Germany. This astonishing and stupendous castle is open for tourists where they get guided tours.
Train journey from Stuttgart or Ulm will take you to this spectacular city castle. In the 60 minute guided tour of the palace you will be able to explore some 20 rooms, galleries and parlors where you will learn about some interesting facts and details of the various paintings, artistic style of the furniture etc. Special events like armory audio tour will introduce you to the 700 year old history of arms and armory which comprises of 3000 rare and valuable exhibits.

Burg Eltz – the Magical Castle of Germany

This 12th century medieval castle has got its name from the stream Eltzbach. This castle from West German is located in Wierschem. The castle is still inhabited by the royal Eltz family for more than 33 generations. What’s unique about this castle is the setting; instead of sitting on a hilltop, it rests on a rock spur that is in the middle of lush Eltz forest by river Eltzbach. You can take a shuttle bus or ride your own vehicle to arrive at the location. From castle parking to the castle you will complete the distance on foot which is approximately 1.3 km long. Adventure travelers can consider taking a hike to the castle.

So, these were the top German castles that are unique, spectacular and fantastic in every way. Hope you do visit at least one of these on your future trip to Germany. In case you want professional help on planning out your trip then feel free to give us a call because at Travmic we enjoy planning trips for those who believe in exploring. Contact us today!

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